The One Where We Got Engaged At Disney World


It’s been two months, but it still feels like a dream! WE GOT ENGAGED AT DISNEY WORLD! I still can’t even believe it. Everything was absolutely perfect! Eric and I had been talking about going back to Disney since we went at Christmas a couple of years ago, but things were just not lining up the way we needed them to. Sometime in November I told Eric I wanted to go to Disney which I do pretty much once a week and he just looked at me and okay I’ll start planning. After the fact Eric told me he has known he wanted to propose at Disney since the last time we were there he was simply waiting for the right time.

Eric had been acting weird all morning. I didn’t really know what was going on (at the time) because I was over there all pumped that we were about to be inside Magic Kingdom and he was pretty much pacing back and forth. When I asked what was wrong he said he was a little nervous about riding the rides, which was believable because he is afraid of heights. So we kept going about our morning we checked into our hotel and we were on our way. On the ride to the park Eric kept just staring out the window and wasn’t really talking. I was practically jumping up and down thinking he was being a big baby about having to ride Space Mountain that afternoon. We finally get inside the park and immediately get in line to take a photo in front of the castle. We are next in line when the music starts playing and the photographer turns around to tell us she is so sorry but she can’t take our photo because there is a parade starting. Since neither Eric or I are super into watching the parades I suggested we go ride Splash Mountain, Erics favorite ride, but he quickly turned it down and told me we need to take our picture first. I have no idea whats going on with him, but I am on top of the world being at Disney so I don’t really care. We watch the parade and get back in line to get our photo taken. As we are getting ready for the picture I turn to see Eric on one knee. This is where I black out. I have no idea what he said there are just bits and pieces I can remember. I immediately burst into tears and started shaking. I forgot to yes and Eric closed the box before he put the ring on my finger. It was perfectly us. There was a whole crowd around us clapping and cheering. It was actually was the happiest moment of my whole life. We both had so much adrentil running through our bodies we just had to start walking. I wanted to know everything. Obviously there was a lot I had missed out on over the past few months so I needed to catch up. After about ten minutes I realized I hadn’t even looked at my ring. I was so on top of the world/couldn’t see through my tears when Eric asked me to be his wife. I was actually in shock when I looked at my ring it was perfect. More than I ever could have imagined. I told Eric later on I don’t think I would have picked out a more perfect ring for myself. I truly don’t think I have ever been as happy as I was walking around Magic Kingdom with my new fiancé. Before we started calling all our family and friends we rode the People Mover. We were just sitting there leaning into each other and it felt real for the first time. We were gonna get married. I actually get to spend the rest of my life with my favorite person in the world. After that we called all our family and close friends. We both felt so loved by everyone close to us. Seeing the faces of the people who didn’t know this was happening was absolutely priceless. The day was so perfect. We actually got engaged on Eric’s parents wedding anniversary, my brothers helped design my ring and one of the stones was my grandmothers. I am still in disbelief of how amazing that day was. It was us.

After things settled down, well as much as things can settle down for a couple who is at Disney World and got engaged two hours ago, we set off on the rest of the day. We rode the three mountains, were super gross and all pda-y waiting in all the lines, but mostly just spent our day saying “I can’t believe we get to be together forever” or “holt shit we’re gonna get married.” We definitely cried when the Happily Ever After fireworks and castle show played. I spent my happiest day on Earth at the happiest place on Earth.

We spent the rest of the trip in this newly engaged bubble. We didn’t care that it was 40 degrees and rainy. Long lines couldn’t bring us down. We literally just skipped through the rest of the parks so in love, on top of the world. One of the days we met the nicest guy in line and he gave us marriage advice that was super sweet. We just kept staring at each other and at my ring, talking about spending the rest of lives together. We were so in the moment that we never actually brought my camera out so we have lot of blurry iPhone pictures and random video clips I threw together. Also my mom bought us all the ride photos which are actually the best!

Eric Daniel Lowe Davis I am so damn excited to spend the rest of my life with you!


This is by far the most accurate photo of our engagement!


I promise we like each other it was just super cold!