Ways I’ve Been Pushing Myself To Grow


Not wearing makeup 

  • To be perfectly honest I hated this one and I am not sure how much I grew from it. I didn’t wear makeup for three weeks straight. While on this no makeup journey my face cleared up slightly (pro), but I didn’t feel confident or pretty (con and con). In all actuality I only wear makeup a couple days out of the week anyway.

Sleeping with my phone on the other side of the room

  • There are a couple of reasons I chose to do this. 1. To be on my phone less right before bed 2. So I don’t wake up, snooze my alarm and then sleep through the snooze. On the first day/night I did this I found myself asking Eric to bring me my phone every time he was up and thenI had to get up to take it back when I was done. In the morning I woke up 40 minutes early terrified I had slept through my alarm.  

Forgiving myself 

  • I am human. I will fail. I will get up again. I am working on forgiving myself for my short comings and past trancrestions. 


  • I do not mean working out (although I did love when I regularly worked out), but trying to do more physical activities. Eric and I went hiking and took a bike ride around town. 

Removing qualifiers for my vocabulary

  • I am not “just.”  I have a terrible habit of this, but the thing is I am not “just.” 

I made a mantra 

  •  I am strong, confident, and at peace with myself. I am strong, confident, and at peace with myself. I am strong, confident, and at peace with myself. I may not feel like it yet, but progress is being made. 

I have been journalling 

  • This is something I always wish I did more of. Every time I pick of my journal and see just a glips of where I’ve been or cant recall small details of a memory I always wish I wrote it down. For later, for someday, just for me. 

Mary Kate Leopard