3 Video's I Made But Never Uploaded

Last year to celebrate a year of loving each other Eric and I went to an Alabama football game. We had a great time running around Tuscaloosa just the two of us. My dad and brothers all gradated from Alabama, so we all die hard fans. 

The first big snow of the year came the day we got Moose fixed so he couldn't play in at all, but I am fairly positive Maci loves snow more than she loves me so we spent a lot of time outside playing ball and going on walks. Maci was in haven and would have been thrilled if we could have slept in the snow. 

Eric and I had the most magically Valentine's Day. I was never really a Valentine's Day person until I meet Eric. He loves Valentine's Day and takes it to a whole new level. He knows me so well too. When I came home from work he set up flowers leading me to dinner/my presents with our song playing in the background. He got me a table to do puzzles on, I mean oh my heart! We went to target, had chinese take out, played pokemon, and ended the night at our favorite baracde.