What is this?


So recently I have been wondering, certainly not for the first time, what is this space? What purpose does it serve? Many years ago (okay 4 years ago) I started this blog after reading many others as a place to share things (you know like all blogs), but with the hopes that you know I could get internet famous (lol) and make money off this site (double lol). I tried to do DIY’s (feel free to come laugh with me here), be a “college blogger” (laugh with me here and here), be inspirational to others (laugh with me here), and my personal favorite a fashion blogger (laugh with me here). I love reading these posts they really are humorous. It’s weird seeing how much I have grown in four years. When I started out I had all these goals that I wanted to accomplish with this site like the for mentioned making money or posting three times a week. Now looking back all these things seem silly. This is for me. It’s a place for me to write down things I am thinking about or never want to forget. This is a place for me to feel grateful. While this site has changed as much as I have over the past four years I can go back and watch myself grow up. I get to see myself change. For a couple of minutes I get to relive some awesome adventures. So what is this? This is a place of gratitude, it is a memory book and a travel journal. This site has no schedule. I will never be internet famous. But this is a place I will always cherish.

Photos from over the summer when I had my camera on the wrong setting and all the pictures looked like they were taken on a phone camera from 2000

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