Eric and I went to New York for fall break and it was AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! I mean we met Ellie Kemper how could it not have been AAHHH! We spent three days running around the city drinking coffee and exploring. As soon as we got off the plane we headed straight to the Highline. We did most of sight seeing on our first day there, so after the Highline we went to the Flat Iron building then off to Union Square Park. At the park I got to live out my life long dream of feeding squirrels. After that went to Washington Square to see the arch. Eric and I bought some buttons. Eric’s said “Climate Change Is Real” and mine said “ I ❤️Immigrant America.” They couldn’t have been more perfect for us. We grabbed a beer at the cutest little pub before going to our Airbnb in Brooklyn. My brother suggested we go on the Greenwood cemetery and it was awesome. First of all there is a giant parrot’s nest at the entry way. I mean parrots in Brooklyn! There is some cool history and a beautiful view of the skyline at the cemetery. That night we ate dinner at a cute little Italian restaurant in the West Village. After we ate we went to Times Square to watch some street performers and eat my favorite cupcakes from Baked by Melissa.

The next morning we started the dat off with, of course, coffee. I had some pretty strict plans for our time in New York in order for us to see and do as much as absolutely possible. I am talking going over where we need to be by what time down to the second while on the subway into the city. But thank goodness I threw that out the window as soon as we came out of the subway and we went with the flow that day. We walked around the streets just looking up at the buildings, did some shopping, and stopped into Grand Central station for the world’s worst Chinese food. I adore Grand Central. I think it is just so beautiful. I honestly could sit there and look around for hours. After that we headed over to the MoMA which was Eric’s one must do thing while we were in New York. I love watching him get really excited about things. When the MoMA closed we decided last minute to go to a book signing by Ellie Kemper and it was one of the biggest highlights of our trip. Her husband lead her interview and it was so sweet to see them interact. She was literally the nicest when we met her and made the two most awkward people who have ever walked the Earth (a.k.a. Eric and I) feel way less awkward. I even forgave her for putting a dash in my name when she signed our book. Thank goodness the woman taking the pictures took more than one because I was fan-girling so hard that my face was red and I had the goofiest smile. Before the signing started we were worried we would miss our dinner reservation so the Barnes and Noble employees actually moved us up the line so we could be on time. It was so sweet. That night we had dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant in the city.

On our last full day we had donuts and coffee in the West Village for breakfast. I am not really sure why but we spent a lot of time walking around and hanging out in the West Village this trip. After donuts we went to see the Friends building! I was freaking out! Friends is love language. After that we went uptown to explore Central Park. This was day three and we were both kind of exhausted by this time so we slowly walked through the park. There were many stops to rest, look around, and watch performers. When we were done in the park we went back to Airbnb to get ready for a date night. That night though, it was pure magic. Our first stop was to go to the top of the One World Trade Center. Eric hates heights. He was terrified and honestly so was I but I was trying to be brave for Eric. The butterflies were building as we waited for our turn to go up to the top, there was a waiting line at Disney World vibe. Once we reached the 102nd floor you could feel the building swaying. At this point I thought we might both burst into tears and would turn right around to go back down. But then the curtains went up to reveal the skyline and it was over for me. I couldn’t get enough, I pretty much ran to the closest window staring in awe. I just couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. Eric was glued to the inner wall until I got a drink in him, but after that we were both in disbelief. We ended up staying up there for over two hours sitting on the floor next to a window. We got to watch the sunset over the city and take in the night skyline. On our way to dinner we walked through China town and went to Little Italy for dinner. We ate the best pizza ever on the restaurant’s patio and sat out there until restaurant closed.

Before we went to the airport the next day we visited Dumbo in Brooklyn and it was so cool. We were drained and carrying around all our luggage, but so happy. We sat on a bench staring at the Manhattan bridge already talking about what our favorite memories were from the trip. I am so so grateful for my adventure partner who is always on board for whatever crazy adventure I dream up.


Edited by Eric Davis