E's First Dive

A few weeks ago Eric went on his first scuba dive and while I was mildly terrified for him to go, it’s his dream. This is something he has always talked about and I am so proud of him for not only learning how to scuba dive but following his dreams. One of my favorite things about Eric and I is we are each others number one cheerleaders. My goals are his and his are mine. I noticed as it was getting closer to dive my fear of him being 60 feet under water started to disappear and was replaced with excitement and pride. My man was doing it. He was going after his dreams. He did it, he freaking did it. Now he is a certified diver and this is where the real adventure begins. Eric can schedule dives whenever he wants. He is going to take more advanced classes to learn to dive in the dark, get certified to go 120 feet under water, and master buoyancy so he can learn to take photos underwater.

I’m so proud of you Bubs!