Best Moments and Other Favorites of 2017

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Favorite Posts

Eric's Birthday Weekend
Visiting My Brother
Summer Time
Lake Norman
Mental Health
Embracing Change
Boulder Bash
A Letter To My Big Brother And His Wife
The Fair

Favorite Moments

Watching Big Little Lies with Eric every Sunday night in the Spring
Getting Moose - I remember running outside while break at work to meet my little guy
Turning 21 - I certainly don’t remember all of this, but I had a great time
Making new friends
Getting to work in my future field
Seeing the Eclipse
Loving my guy for a whole year
Going to Disney (aka my favorite place on earth)
Watching my brother get married - There is something so special about watching the people I love so much say I do

Favorite Instagrams

Biggest Accomplishments

I LEARNED TO COOK MEAT - This is a big one for me I have always been terrified of raw meat. I barely eat meat so cooking it seemed planets away.

I got two jobs - One that taught me a lot and I made some wonderful friends through. The other taught me even more and is in the field I want to work in when I graduate.

Making more videos for the blog and just for myself (here)

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