To My Big Brother And His Wife

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Colby and I’s relationship had a rocky start. I was told a story a few months ago and apparently when I was a kid if someone asked me if had any siblings I would respond with that I had an older brother that hated me and I hated him too. This is obviously not true and never was. That being said I know the exact moment our relationship changed. I was 11 and Colby was 17. I stuck a note under his door that said “will you take me shopping for moms birthday? Check yes, no, or maybe” He put it back under mine with a check yes. When Colby went to college I slept in his favorite sweatshirt from high school for a year and half, because I just missed him so much. Colby has always encouraged me to be myself and supported me in every step of becoming the person I am today. There is a distinct moment I always go back to whenever I am second guessing myself. Of Colby and I standing in Urban Outfitters. Colby asked me if would wear a headband that was on sale. I told him I really like it but I would never wear it because people would think it’s weird. He simply responded who cares what anyone else thinks, to be myself. Colby is brilliant, stubborn, and he is my best friend. Thank you for always being a brother I could look up to. 

Three and half years ago I got a phone call from Colby. At the time it was kind of strange because we don’t talk on the phone often, but he had to tell me about the beautiful and wonderful girl he had just asked out on a date. After the phone call I walked into the kitchen where our parents where to casually inform them Colby had met the women he was going to marry. It wasn’t long after meeting Abbey that it was clear Colby had hit the jackpot with her. She loves every aspect of him (including the fore mentioned stubbornness) and has just as big of dreams for life as Colby. Abbey, not only do you inspire everyone with your confidence and vulnerability, you make us all laugh too. I think I speak for our entire family when I say we are so freaking excited to have you as our newest member. 

I wish you both the very best in life and marriage! I’m beyond lucky to call you guys my brother and sister. I can’t wait to stand next to you guys tomorrow when you say “I do.” I love you both so much.

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  1. That is great to hear. Life is about having real relationships. This is what matters the most. I wish you, your brother and his wife a very good and happy life.