Boulder Bash // 2017

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Eric and I took a quick trip to the mountains this weekend to visit our good friends (who we hadn't seen in far too long!). Lets not go that long with hanging out again, okay? Okay. We got there to find we were going to see Leah's friends band. Once we got to the venue (if you can call it that), we had no idea where we were going. As it turns out you have to hike to the amphitheater placed in between to boulders. This is honestly the coolest thing I've ever been to in my life. It was a bunch of people having a good time in the middle of nowhere on a mountain with lots of good music. Although I wasn't expecting to hike half a mile in heeled booties it was beyond worth it. I definitely felt like I wasn't cool enough to be there, but it will certianly be a night I never forget. On the way home we took the Blue Ridge Parkway as far as we could. We stopped at every lookout just because we could. I love pursuing a slow life filled with love, laughter, and good friends. 

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  1. A trip to mountains always leaves the mark of great excitement and enjoyment. And glad to see that you really had a great time with your friends and lover