A New Way To Travel

Thursday, September 7, 2017

This past weekend Eric and I took a road trip with my brother and his wife to celebrate our older brother and his fiancé at their wedding shower (less than two months until their wedding and I couldn't be more excited). Damn, that was confusing. Anyways the main point is we spent 16 hours of a 48 hour period in the car. I've made this trip to Alabama and back in one weekend more times than I would like to remember, but this time was different. We took detours to see abandoned nuclear plants (I'm half way convinced that there is some Stranger Things shit going on there). Instead of driving petal to the metal down the highway, we drove down backroads, taking in the views and getting inspired for many more adventures. We explored an outlook stop on the side of a backroad and that's where most of these photos where taken. It amazes me that this much beauty often goes unseen. I loved that in this trip instead of focusing on making good time or taking the quickest route we were looking for the prettiest view and not worrying about time. It was a great reminder that slow living is so beautiful.

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  1. First of all congratulations to your brother and his fiancé for getting married pretty soon. You people spent great time in Alabama. That's something every couple wish for before their wedding.