The Forth Weekend in Charleston

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

I am FINALLY getting around to sharing pictures from the weekend of the Forth (or if I'm being honest posting at all.) My parents recently moved and July Forth was the first time the whole family was able to come down (yay for Colby and Abbey coming down.) Each morning Kyle, Criston, Eric, and I took our dogs to the beach while they are allowed to be off there leashes. We spent our first day there riding around in the boat, sight seeing and exploring. We went to dinner that night which was subpar and over priced, but we did see dolphins and any dinner with the whole family is priceless in my books. The next day we went downtown for me, my mom, and sisters to do some (or a lot) of shopping. Our shopping trip featured froĊ›es next to a really pretty rooftop balcony because it was too freaking hot to actually sit on the balcony. That night the guys sat on the balcony at my parents apartment while the women played Cards Against Humanity. If ever want to get to know your mom and sisters too well played an all women's game of Cards Against Humanity. Eric and I had plans to go watch the sunrise at the beach on the day of the Forth, but decided 5:30 was just too early to be up, maybe next time. Unfortunately all my siblings had to leave on the morning of the Forth, so it was just Eric, my parents, and I for the rest of the trip. We spent a couple of hours on the beach, where I learned my boyfriend is actually a fish, but I love him all the more for it. Seriously through he more time in the water playing than he did on the actual beach, he even got my out there jumping under waves. It makes me so happy to know that our (future) children will never have to ask their dad twice to play in the ocean with them and in all honesty he will probably be having more fun than them. After we left the beach we decided to go in search of Mexican food for dinner (very patriotic, right?) The restaurant that was our first choice to be closed for the day, which turned out to be the best thing ever Cards Against Humanity. we ended eating a block away from fireworks and had the most amazing view of them right after we finished eating. 

Watching the dolphins swim here is so freaking cool!

My fishie

Heart eyes on him forever and ever

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