Life Right Now

Monday, July 17, 2017

Life right now is...

Nights in the yard after the sun starts to set and the temperature is bearable
Wearing my hair in a bun everyday 
Not putting pressure on myself to be anything other than what I am 
Watching my garden grow
A beer after work 
Reading lots of books
Trying new things like cooking and crafting
"No Moose" being my most used words 
Perfecting my ice cream cones at work 
Too many episodes of Friends
Learning to be intentional 
Early mornings with Eric because of our work schedules
Being alone but not lonely 
Wearing no makeup and still feeling at home in my body

Moose is trying to figure out this whole fetch thing by watching his sister

I'm very proud of my little garden

I did not think he could be any cuter, then he started chewing on a stick

yes, I do wear socks with my Adidas

This girl has won my heart forever


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  2. AWWWW! that dog is so cute. I would like to know that breed it is and how many years it is. I am hoping it remains a puppy and cute for the rest of its life. Nice pictures