Lake Norman

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

It would be impossible to count all the amazing memories I have at Lake Norman. Camping trips. Jumping in the cold water for the first time after Winter. Playing games around a camp fire. Watching Maci swimming for the first time. Stargazing in the middle of the lake.  Listening to stories about when my dad was in college. Getting so sunburnt I couldn't even sit down. Breathe taking sunsets. Although I'm still in the process of wrapping my head around the fact this was our last family trip to Lake Norman I am eternally grateful for all the memories I have. And to top it off this last trip was amazing. Eric and I got a late start to the weekend (thanks work), but we had a great time once we got there. We spent our time laughing with family and eating way too much food. When Maci wasn't playing fetch or carrying a stick around, she was standing in the water chomping at the waves trying to catch them (see picture below). Eric and I got our butts kicked of foosball by my brother's best friends. We took our last boat ride down the river. When we were at the furthest point of the river our boat can go Kyle and I told Eric there were lots of snakes in the water and then proceed to push him in. I don't think ever seen Eric move as fast as he did getting back in the boat, he didn't even use the latter. Thanks for another weekend filled with memories Lake Norman! You will always hold a special place in my heart.

My very best friend

Maci trying to catch the water and all the other dogs trying to figure out what the heck she is doing

Eric was terrified of the Jet Ski at first 

This may actually be my favorite picture ever, because it has my two favorite humans in it (yes Maci is a human)

Who knew Papa Bill could take such a good picture

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