Currently // 004

Friday, March 17, 2017


Enjoying - Spring Break! I desperately needed it. School has been driving me crazy recently. I feel like I have no purpose there and I am just going through the motions. 

Wearing - My Dad's sweatshirt and warm socks.

Needing - To figure out what the heck I am doing with my life. I have been in a major rut. 

Wanting - To be done with my paper that is due after Spring Break, even though I haven't started it yet.

Listening - Modern Family.

Planning - A day trip to Raleigh with Eric to explore all the museums. 

Reading - Honestly I haven't read too many books recently, but I have been listening too a ton of audiobooks. My favorites are Big Little Lies and The Couple Next Door. 

Trying - To improve my photography and videography.

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