Life Lately

Friday, February 17, 2017

Moody hates outside! He is such an indoor cat. I even took off his harness and he just wanted to go back inside. I don't mind one bit, because I don't have to worry about him escaping.

Eric and I have decided bowling is going to be our new hobby. We were bowling the other day and there was a couple in there 80's bowling next to us. They were so happy to be there together, not to mention they were kicking ass too! The woman could barely walk up to the lane but once she got there she would drop the ball and it would be a strike! While I was next her giving it all I have and kept getting gutter ball after gutter ball. 

I have been studying my butt off lately. I think I had four tests in one week. 

If you live in North Carolina and like fried cheese (aka mozzarella sticks) this place has the best in the world! 

Eric rocked my socks off for Valentines Day. He literally blew my mind with his thoughtfulness. 
I love him. 

Would it be a life update without a snapchat filter photo? Probably not.

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