Twenty Sixteen

Sunday, January 1, 2017

If there was one word to describe my 2016 it would be growth. I have grown this year more than I could I have ever imagined. I was growing when I thought I wasn't moving. I was growing when I thought I was at rock bottom and when I thought I was on top of the world. I grew on my own, I grew in my relationships with others. I have learned more about myself in the past year than the 19 before it combined. I have learned what I want out of my life. I have developed my own opinions in an even deeper way than before. In 2016 I learned how to stand completely on my own, while being more social than I thought my anxiety would ever let me. I never would have thought I would have the confidence to post four selfies on Instagram in a year. If you would have told me a year ago I would owe a cat I would have laughed in your face but now my heart has two babies that I love more than the world. This year I got my nose pierced on a wim and could not be more pleased with my choice, I learned that I cannot control anyone else's actions and everything passes with time, I created more meaningful friendships with my loved ones, I got my first C in college, I went on more adventures than I could count, I learned how to play chess and fell in love out of nowhere. I still couldn't spell worth a shit this year and I probably will never eat anything watermelon flavored after my spring break in Florida. Even with all the ups and downs of the past year it has probably been my favorite year to date, I can't wait to see what adventures, struggles, experiences 2017 brings my way!

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  1. Embrace it all! Sounds like you are having the time of your life! And kitties are the best. They are there for you through it all.