My Moody Dude

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

I adopted a cat. Because it is was the only logical thing for a struggling college to do when avoiding studying to finals. So this is Moody! As in Alastor Moody (a.k.a Professor Moody) from Harry Potter. His M name follows along with his sisters's M names. He is a snuggle butt who likes to sleep on top of my chest. I refer to Maci and Moody as best friends in training because they are still unsure of each other. Maci goes back and forth between being jealous of the attention Moody is getting and wanting to play with him. Moody on the other hand is terrified of Mae. Moody has already learned Eric and I are his safe place. He hasn't quite caught onto the point of toys yet, but is happy to play with my hair. Moody's favorite place to sit is on my computer, pressing all the keys and chasing the moving things on the screen. Watching Netflix is nearly impossible with him around. 

This is about as close as Mae and Moody will get to each other right now

My men!


  1. Your kitty is so adorable. Reminds me our kitty we rescued and had to bottle feed when he was little. Now he is healthy, fat and sassy and we love him.

  2. Aww what a precious little kitty. It looks like they're getting along well with you guys :)