I Voted.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

I still cannot think about the fact Donald Trump is going to be president without shaking. As this new reality sets in know everything will be okay. It is okay to be afraid but everything will be okay. My heart hurts for all the girls who’s president has no respect for their existence. My heart hurts for the children who will soon not have healthcare. My heart hurts at the thought of a wall dividing us between us and another country who makes us more diverse. My heart hurts for the women that may lose control of their own bodies. My heart hurts for the families who could be driven apart based on where they were born. My heart hurts for all the progress that will be erased. 

Angelica told me yesterday “they can only be closed minded for so long.” This is true. Trump may have control of the White, the House, and the Senate, but he does not have control of our actions. We can spread love, not hate. We can listen to each other. We can fight for our rights. We still get to stand together.  We can see value in each other, even with different opinions. 

Yet I still have hope that in four years we can take back our country. I have hope that we can still spread love to everyone we meet, even if our president does not. We are bigger. We are better. 


  1. I tried to see if there was light amidst the dark cloud that had come above us. I posted this on my blog - you need to see beyond the title. http://www.mauvewriter.com/trump-presidency-good-thing-americans/

  2. God has it all... we have to have hope :)

  3. I really hope president Trump is much much different from candidate Trump..