20 Things I've Learned in 20 Years

Sunday, November 27, 2016

1. Getting hurt is all a part of the process.
2. I'm very bad at watering plants.
3. I can be happy on my own. I am an independent person.
4. The bad little things don't matter. In five years you either won't remember or it won't matter. The good little things on the other hand are what count. They can change the path of your life and will be the stories you tell in the future.
5. Family is everything.
6. Taking a heart break gracefully is invaluable, regardless of whether you are breaking a heart or having your own broken.
7. Being comfortable and dressing cute aren't mutually exclusive.
8. When you find good friends hold onto them tight.
9. Fall in love every time. Even if it's only for a second. Even if you get hurt.
10. Be yourself all the time and don't give a fuck who sees. This means wear what you want, say how you feel, and don't change for anyone. This does not mean you get to disrespect other people or their beliefs.
11. Everything works out just how it is supposed to.
12. Dishes suck.
13. Taking care of yourself is probably the most important thing you can do for yourself and those around you. Loving yourself is not selfish.
14. I can do anything I want to.
15. Don't linger on first impressions. You have no idea what that person is dealing with.
16. Dog kisses can fix just about anything.
17. No one actually has their shit together, we all just pretend to.
18. Your feelings are valid. But so are everyone else's, even if you don't understand them.
19. Wash your face everyday and moisturize.
20. Give your all in everything you do and put others first.


  1. Dishes really do suck. I love this. It reminds me we're all in this together :)

  2. #17. And 20 years old? Girl you're so young for all that wisdom!

  3. Dishes do suck. It never changes! And I need to get better about moisturizing, better late than never!
    xx nicole

  4. I love #15 simply because so many people get the wrong impression about me the first time we meet, especially if I am in the middle of doing something and concentrating on that lol. I can come off like an unapproachable you know what!

  5. I'm the worst at keeping plants alive! Love all of these :)