Dog Mom Life: Teeth Brushing

Friday, September 2, 2016

One I struggle to remember to do as a dog mom is brush Maci’s teeth. Dogs need to have their teeth taken care of just as we do and in the long run it will safe you a lot of hassle. Brushing your dog’s teeth helps prevent decay with age, which means less pain for your aging dog and you don’t have to fed them wet dog if you do not want too. Good dog oral hygiene helps with bad breathe because you are getting rid of plaque removing and food (or treats, or toys, or sticks) that may be stuck in your dogs teeth. I try to bush Maci’s teeth once a month with her dog tooth brush and paste. She has the kind of tooth brush with the handle as well as the kind you stick on your finger. I use both kinds because I find it helps me get her teeth the cleanest. I brush her teeth the same day I give her heart worm prevention so it is easier for me to remember. I also try to play fetch with her before I brush her teeth so that she is tried and less likely to fight me. If you can’t get your dog to sit still try putting the tooth paste on their favorite toy and let them brush their owe teeth. On top of brushing Maci’s teeth once a month throughout the month I give her dental treats with help remove plaque. Maci also has a plastic bone the is good for her teeth that she chews on everyday. 

I love this picture because she knows what's coming for her! Her ears are down and everything!

I buy Maci's bones at Walmart, but you can find online them here and here.


I use the Petkin brand tooth paste and brushes that I bought at TJ-Maxx, but here is a similar kit.

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