Self Discovery and Other Voo-Doo Stuff Like Healing Crystal and Essential Oils

Sunday, August 28, 2016

This summer I have been on a journey of self discovery. After being very sad for a while I knew I needed a change in my life. Honestly not just my life but myself. For me this started with accepting my feelings even the ones that I had hide so deep in myself I did not even know they were there, after I knew what I was feeling it was easier for me to deal with my struggles. It has opened my mind to looking into other alternative healing methods like healing crystals, essential oils, and mediation. While I do not believe my crystals are magic, my oils will cure cancer, and I can not completely clear my head during mediation (although that is super cool if you do believe those things) it has really helped me keep my head on straight and be more intentional with my time and energy.

I think that the internet should be for spreading joy and positivity so I do not like to normally take out all of my bad feeling on it, but I do think it is important to think about your negative feelings and thought in oder to help you find the root of the problem. I have been turning to my journal a lot recently to help me do this. Its been fun and scary to find out what I am truly feeling and thinking. I have using my journal to help me in my journey of self discovery. One thing I like to do is find prompts on Pinterest to guide me in this process. Some of my favorite links can be found here, here, and here. A few of my favorite prompts are "I feel like myself when.." "Things I value about myself are..." and "30 things that make me smile". As well as working through my feelings in my journal I also like to use to be grateful for all the wonderful things in my life and reflect on the positive things that happen to me. 

Thanks to my roommate I became obsessed with essential oils a few months ago. My favorites oils are sweet orange, peppermint, and my synergy blend called Happy. It is important to know how to use your oils before you buy them so that you know what you want out of your oils. If you are wanting to use them for aromatherapy then you will need a diffuser and oils, but if you want to use essential oils for topical use as well you need oils that can be used on the skin (it should say on the bottle if it does not say whether it is safe or not, do not put it on your skin) as well a carrier oils (such as coconut oil) because essential oils are so concentrated and can do serious harm to your body if not diffused properly. Also some oils can be consumed, but beginner should not attempt this without guidance (the Internet does not count), for an oil to be consumed it has to be a very hight grade and say that it is safe for consumption, I know that some Doterra oils are safe for consumption but not all. What I am saying is do your research before you try anything. My diffuser can be found here, and my oils can be found here and here

Lavender - Helps with anxiety , aids in sleep and has an overall calming effect

Peppermint - Relieves headaches and gives energy.

Sweet Orange - Helps detoxify the body, boosts immune system, and works as a antidepressant. 

There are a lot of articles on the internet about crystals and their healing powers, ranging everywhere from predicting the future to them be simply a placebo effect. While my personal opinions lean more toward the latter, a placebo effect is still an effect. The general idea behind healing crystals is that each stone has it’s own vibration, their vibrations interact with our own vibrations and causing changes in ourselves. I do totally think that is possible, but I have not done much research into the scientific reasoning behind it. The way I see it is because I know what each of my stones are supposed to help with I see results. This is because the stones help me aim my thoughts and action in the way of healing. Like I said this may be a total placebo effect, but I truly see results from using my crystals. As strange as this may sound sometime while I am  mediating with my crystals in my hands I feel the vibrations from the crystals. This may be a manifestation from my mind, but the idea still brings me peace of mind. I use my crystals in many different ways, including mediating with them, simply carrying them with me, or wearing them as jewelry. I care for my crystals by cleansing them after I buy them by letting them soak in water overnight. I also charge my crystals under the full moon each month and set them in the sun for the day once a month. Even if you don’t believe in these crazy healing powers of crystals, but still think they are cool crystals make beautiful home decor. Like I said before I am not 100% on board with all the healing powers that crystals are said to have (although it is awesome if you are!), I personally don’t think crystals are magic but they do make me happy. I have a list of all the crystals I own below and the healing properties. Just a forewarning I do not have pictures of all the crystals I owe because I bought more after I took the pictures for this post. 

Blue Lace Agate -Calms, aids in promoting communication especially when damaged from past rejections, and encourages trustworthiness. 

Rose Quartz - Known as the stone of unconditional love, good for peace, helming, and comfort. 

Sun Stone - Promotes leadership, inspires personal power, and encourages you to take care of yourself so that you can help others.

Lace Agate - Stimulates the mind, encourages optimism and happiness. 

Clear Quartz - Amplifies energy. 

Amazonite - Personal truth, calms the soul, encourages expression of one’s true self, and increases loving communication. 

Citrine - Comforting, helps promote creativity, and clear the mind. Good for new beginnings. 

Chrysocolla - Aids in communication and empowerment, helps with compassion and building character, and calms emotions. 

Pink Agate - Associated with the heart, stabilizes and balances emotional. 

Black Moon Stone - Helps bring to light parts of yourself you have left behind and has a quality of hopefulness. 


  1. Great article! It's all so interesting! I LOVE the orange essential oil! I dab it on my wrists in the morning! :) I want a diffuser so bad now too!

    The crystals is super interesting, I've always wondered about those. I totally agree that even if it's just a placebo effect, it's still an effect. Do you just purchase your crystals online?


    1. Hi! I buy all my crystals at a local store in my town, I found them to be cheaper there and I totally love the experience of walking into the store (and trust me if they sell crystals it is an experience). I found my store simply by googling it. I am sure buying crystals online is totally okay though, as long as you cleanse them when you get them!

  2. I really like your honesty! I am into crystals, essential oils, and meditation (need to do it more) also. I do believe in the powers of crystals (not magic powers) because of my experiences with using them. I've been collecting and using them personally for some time now and many of my doubts have gone. But, either way, if they are helping you that's still good! I like those prompts for journal writing. I'm going to try them myself!

    1. I hope you get as much out of the journal prompts as I do!

  3. Such great information, MK! I'm thinking I need a Black Moon Stone in my life!

    1. I think we all could use a little moon stone in our life! Thanks for commenting!

  4. Great post! Self-discovery is so important. I, too, love essential oils and crystals. Both truly help me feel balanced. Cheers!

    1. I am slowly find they are vital for my balance as well! Thanks for reading!

  5. I went through a journey like this earlier this year in terms to stepping back to understand myself better and understand why I was unhappy etc. It really was quite helpful to take that time and really analyze!

    I also recently got into essential oils and have started using some different blends for muscle pain but also breathing and relaxation!


    1. It so amazing to me how much you can find out about yourself through self discovery! I thought I knew everything I needed to about myself, but boy was I wrong! I am glad to hear other people have been through the same thing. Thanks for reading and commenting!