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Friday, August 19, 2016


Enjoying - This Modern Love - the podcast

I know most people have felt the pain. The pain of a heart break, the kind of pain that makes you think that you can’t go on. Along with that pain the equally as strong joy that comes with being in love. It is so humbling to other peoples tales of love. Love to me is one thing that is understood by everyone. It amazes me how we can all relate in love no matter how different the situation is.

Wearing -  My cute new booties that I refuse to take off or stop talking about. 

Needing - Needing it to be October because that is the best month of the year and I just cannot wait another month. I have picked out Maci and I’s costume for Halloween.

Wanting - To spend all of my money on fall candles and other decor but not letting myself. I already bought a skeleton to-go mug. 

Listening - Coffee shop noises, perusal. 

Drinking - Tropically green tea. 

Reading - Nothing! I am read out at the moment. I read so many books in the Spring and first few months of Summer that I have no desire to read right now. 

Trying - To get ready for school to start back. I am both very excited and very not excited. I am looking forward to my classes and learning new things, but I am not looking forward to all the work I am going to have to put into it. 

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