Dog Mom Life: Playing Outside During the Summer with a Kiddie Pool

Friday, July 22, 2016

One thing that really sucks about summer time with dogs is it is almost too hot to play outside with them, especially if your dog has black fur, has think fur, or a flat face. The only times I feel like I can play with Maci (and our other dogs) outside is early in the morning (before it gets hot), at night (after it has cooled down), or when we are in the kiddie pool! For the past two summers I have gotten a kiddie pool for Maci in the summer time! The water helps keep her cool so we can play all day long! Maci really likes to drink the water in the pool, which is totally safe because it's just tap water and it helps keep her hydrated in the summer heat. Sometimes I will get in pool with her other times not. I don't think she really cares either way, but it makes me feel like a good dog mom. I never spend more than ten dollars on one of these pools so it is super affordable and honestly if you have somewhere to store it during the other season it could last for more than one summer. When we are playing I normally either throw the ball or splash water in the air (Maci always tries to catch it!). The only two things are to make sure you are watching your dog while they are playing (safety first!) and to empty the water after you are done. If you don't empty the water when you are done the water gets gross (and therefore not safe for your dog to play in) and mosquitoes will start to breed in it.

The only reason this happening is because there is a tennis ball above my camera!

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