The Love Story of Meeting My Best Friend

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I like to call this a love story because it's sort of weird and kind of magical how everything happened. To fully understand Gelica and I's friendship we have to start four and a half years ago on our first day of high school. We sat next to each other in English. She was intimidated by me because I had so many piercings (I only had three), I was intimidated by her because she seemed so confident. We sat near each other in class and talked about our love for art and New York. For the next four years we said hi to each other in passing but that is about it. Now fast forward to our senior prom, some how or another we ended up in the same prom group and in a certain state of mind after prom we agreed to get an apartment together since we were going to the same school. The following Monday in art class we confirmed we were actually going to get an apartment together, which is still crazy. We stilled didn't become friends, we would text about details while trying to find an apartment, and tried to get all of our most annoying habits out in the open before we moved in together. Then came August and we actually lived together, we were barely friends and hardly knew what to talk to each other about. On the first day of classes we had a little orientation meeting thing, we sat by each other but didn't really speak to each other. If that were to take place now, someone would have to beg us to shut up. After moving in we bonded over boys, tears, spilt Kool-Aid, tattoos, and having to grow up very quickly in our new apartment. Now this lady is my best friend I cant imagine a better roommate or friend. I love her for her do whatever you want attitude, for giving me encouragement even when I need a reality check, and doing the dishes even when it is my turn. She reminds me to be grateful on my worst days and always cleans up my spilt drinks when I am running late. She is the co author of all my texts and my shoulder to lead on. She understands me for me and doesn't expect me to be anyone else.


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  1. Friends are an essential part of your life and having a best frieend is a gift. I even remember the love story and the beautiful time I spent with my best friend.