Beach Day Essentials

Monday, May 23, 2016

I am on the count down until I am sitting on the beaches on Destin relaxing without a care in my mind (expect missing Maci of course). So in honor of the fact I get to go to the beach in 20 days I wanted to share a few of my favorite beach essentials and how I prepare for a day in the sun. 

  • Book - You can see the books I want to read this summer here. I just picked this book because I liked how it went with the other colors but in all honesty I will have probably read this book before I even leave for the beach. 
  • Sunscreen - Seriously this is so important take care of your skin. A nice tan looks good for now but at the risk of skin cancer it is just not worth it (get a spray tan). Not to mention the sun causes wrinkles. I burn so easily so I always buy the highest spf. For my face I just use a BB cream with spf in it so that I have a little bit of coverage with protection. 
  • Towel - This is kind of obvious but if you are like me sometimes the obvious is easy to forget. I like a really thick towel for the beach because it seems to help keep the sand out. I also like it to be colorful and cute for the pictures (you know what I mean?).
  • Bathing Suit - I have been so obsessed with these strapy bathing suits! I have one super similar to the one above that I got on amazon here, but be careful because they can leave funky tan lines.
  • Hat - I got mine from Urban Outfitters on sale a few months (you can see it in pictures here) I absolutely love it! It gives extra protection from the sun and keeps me a little bit cooler.
  • Water Bottle - This is so so important! Hydration is key when being in the sun for extended periods of time. The best thing about the S'well is their bottles keep your water cold for 24 hours and I promise it really works. 
  • Floats - These are just fun! Urban Outfitter have the have the best even if they are a little expensive. You can check them out here.
  • Sunglasses - Again this a little obvious but hey just in case you are going to forget your sun glasses, don't!


  1. Oooh! Love everything, especially that adorable donut pool toy!

  2. I love that bikini, sunglasses, and hat! I can totally picture how cute they'll all look when worn together.

    Nellwyn |

  3. I love all of the funky pool floats out there. I have my eye on one that looks like a slice of pizza.

  4. Sunscreen and water- often overlooked but so important for our health!

  5. Just love that float! So cute! I have been eyeballing a similar big floppy hat at Target. Need to break down and get one as I burn like a lobster, and they look so chic. -- Amy @

  6. It's summer time already?! A towel is definitely an essential beach must have! I've forgotten mine before, and it wasn't pleasant lol