A Day at the Lake

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Summer time for me means coffee on the porch in the mornings, refueling my mind with many books, refueling my body with many fruits, but most importantly means spending countless days at the lake with my family. If you read my blog enough I am sure you have caught onto how much I love my family. The only thing better than spending the day at the lake with my family is spending the day at the lake with my family AND some of our dogs. Now we aren't crazy enough to bring all six dogs, but that is okay the older dogs and the small dogs are not the biggest fans of swimming. This weekend we spent Saturday soaking up the sun, riding around the lake, and playing on the dock of our good friends. Honestly I think we have just as much fun watching the dogs have fun as anything else. We have a local sandwich shop we always stop at on the drive to lake to pick up lunch. This was the first trip of the year which I was brave enough to get into the water and it was FREEZING! Seriously I had the best time just spending time unplugged from my phone and even my books just talking and laughing with my family.

1 comment:

  1. Love the dogs, so cute! That vest with the handle is awesome. What a great time. :)