Dog Toys Every Dog Parent Should Own

Thursday, May 5, 2016

When you have a dog, dog toys are a necessity. Your dog needs to have something to keep him or her busy when you cannot. Dog toys help your pup get out energy, work out their brain, and helps with their instinct to hunt. And as a added bonus it is good for their teeth, which if you are like me and forget to brush your pups teeth from time to time this is a great thing. Now that I have told you a few things that are good about toys let me tell you what drives me nuts. Dog toys do not last forever so I am constantly buying new one and they are not cheap. Shredded dog toys are a mess. Maci will cry over a ball forever. Regardless of all the negative things about dog toys they are needed, and a happy dog makes a happy dog mom! Here are a few of mine and Maci favorite dog toys. Maci is totally obsessed with tennis balls so a lot of these toys are balls. 
  • Dog Bone - This is great for playing on her own. She can just lay on the ground and chew for hours. It is also good for her teeth. 

  • Treat Toy - This is a great brain work out for Maci and she can play with it on her own. My only complaint is it is very loud on hardwood floors, so it is best to be played with on carpet.

  • Squirrel Brain Toy - Both Maci and I love this toy because it works out her brain trying to get the squirrels out. Each of the squirrels have a squeaker in them with is super fun but also means I have to watch her to make sure she doesn't tear them up. 

  • Kong Squeakair Balls - Maci LOVES these. I have found if you order the happy birthday one from Amazon it is a lot cheaper than the regular ones. They also come in fun colors which is a bonus for me.

  • Multi Squeaker Toy - I like these types of toys because it takes Maci a little while to get all the squeakers out, which means it lasts a little bit longer. 
  • Goodwill Stuffed Animals - This honestly the best deal on toys, you get quality stuffed animals for 99 cents. One thing to do is make sure that the stuffed animals don't have plastic eyes or noses, I haven't had a problem with this though. They also sell baby toys that normally have squeaker or rattles in them, Maci loves that.

  • Chuckit - Like I said before Maci loves balls so this is like a given. I can throw the ball three times as far with the Chuckit and I don't have to touch the slobbery ball when she brings it back.

  • Tennis Balls - There are never enough. These one last a while and do not crack open like other dog tennis balls.

  • Night Ball - This is my favorite toy for Maci. We play ball so much and this helps Maci see the ball at night. When we played night ball with just a normal tennis ball Mae would sometimes lose it. This one is so cool because it changes colors constantly! 


  1. Love this list! I would add to it my Boston Terrier's fave: Mini Skinneez! They have squeakers but no fluff. His job in life is to shred toys to find squeakers so getting him those leave my floors fluff-free. :)

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