A Letter to My 12 Year Old Self

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hey me,

It's Saturday and you should probably stop watching movies on ABC Family. Seriously go have some human interaction. And next time Mom tells you your eye liner looks horrible, well it does, but it's okay you will find it out in time.

 FYI those contacts you fought so hard to get, well you are going to hate them soon. Also please do not straighten your hair everyday, please I begging you. Cherish your friends right now, they will not be your friends anymore in a few years, but you will look fondly at all the crazy things you did when you when you were in middle school. One day I promise you will understand why you freak out around people, although it does not get much better you will accept your anxiety.

Next time your parents ask you to go hang out with their friends families, go, they are family too. Trust me the memories you have playing spoons with them is way better than anything you can watch on that princess tv in your room. I promise you are not ugly. Really you are not and you will not be alone forever. In fact in a few years you are going to met someone who will teach you love and love yourself. Things do not work out like you'd always hoped, but it is okay. Be thankful anyway.

Do not ever complain about wearing matching anything with your family, they are the only one you got and one day they won't be here. Put your phone away, I can not tell you who you are texting, but I can tell you they are not that important.

Go spend time with your brothers they will be gone to college soon and you will miss them. In two years go to Disney World with your family, not school, it will be one of your biggest regrets in life. Your family will be the most important thing to you before you know it. Also the girl with the cute clothes that Kyle brought home, well in seven years he is going to marry her and she will be the best sister you could ask for.

Sweet heart stand up and don't ever get bangs, you do not look like Lily from Hannah Montana.

Eat more fat kid sundaes, like right now, seriously go.  Also dummy when your moms bring you and Maggie to the airport for a shopping spree, seriously MK you are so gullible, you are going to New York. Soon your life modo will be "it's fine" and it is fine. Everything works out how it is supposed to so don't stress the small stuff so much. 


You in seven years.


  1. So true. As you get older family becomes so much more important. Looking back I wonder how I could've been so selfish as a kid. Nice reflective post

  2. This is a raw and vulnerable letter (post). I really appreciate it. Thanks for sharing! You share so many incredibly inspiring life lessons that I, too, wish to share with my 12-year-old self. The importance of family is key, as is not being concerned with others think about one's self. Beautiful post!