Why Instagram is not Always a Good Thing + My Favorite Instagramers

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Let me start off by saying, I love Instagram. I really do. I love seeing photos, happy photos from the best parts of peoples lives, but often I think people forget that is what Instagram is; a snap shot into the best moments of someones life. Life is not always as perfect as Instagram makes it out to be. That smiling couple probably had a fight about dishes or underwear left on the floor, the model-like mom with her children probably had a break down over whether she is raising them to be good human beings, the independent person that works for themselves probably stays up all night sometimes to meet a deadline. Not to mention the picture you are seeing is probably one of twenty-someting others like it. Sometimes the dishes have not been done in three days, and lets not even talk about laundry. Sometimes I stay in my pajamas all day and have Captain Crunch for more than one meal. Comparing yourself to other people on Instagram is not going to do anything for you accept bring you down. Comparison truly is the thief of joy. Especially when the people you are comparing yourself to have just as many struggles as you do, you just simply don't know theirs.

But guys I really do love Instagram so here are a few of my favorite:

Hailey Devine and her little family are the cutest. Her and her husband, Brad, are videographers who like to travel. You can find their youtube channel, here, and her blog, here.

You can find her blog, here

Oddly enough this family and Instagram is the reason I started blogging. It is a little bit creepy how long I have been reading their blog, here. I just love her honest outlook on life. 

Aspyn and her husband, Parker, are the cutest. They both make youtube videos and vlog. Parkers Instagram can be found, here. Their youtube channels are here and here. Aspyn's blog is here.

So I had this crazy idea when I got my own dog I would stop be obessed with other people's dogs. Yeah that didn't happen. Every time the dogist posts my heart melts a little bit. 

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