Some Photos of Life That I Would Like to Remember

Saturday, January 30, 2016

These are a few that have happened (relatively) recently that I would like to remember

For a week, A WHOLE WEEK, the wifi at my apartment has been gone. A place where two nineteen year old girls who are both college students and love Netflix live has not had internet for a week. Needless to say this week has been a struggle. But, there has been some upsides to not having internet, there are I promise. We have been playing Wii, listening to music, having real conversations, sitting on our roof, drinking tons of coffee, leaving the apartment to study, and hanging out in our Christmas pj's. By no means do I want to keep living without wifi, because I do not please bring back my Netflix and social media and my ability to do homework while laying in bed, but the world did not end without it. In fact it has been a nice break from constantly being on my phone or watching one too many episodes of NCIS (or maybe seven too many). Without the internet our apartment has been super clean this week.

I went to Disney there will be a post about this, I promise. Hopefully by next Christmas.

Maci has really picked up on her dental hygiene 

First week back at school grocery shopping. The second week was about 1/8 of this.

New coat, warm shoes, and a cute dog.

First real snow and my sweet girls.

My roommate painted the mural for me in our living room which is the coolest.

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