Maci's Take on Finals

Monday, December 28, 2015

Hi guys it’s Maci,

My mom is super busy with finals week so she thought it would be a good idea for me to blog today. 

I am not really sure what my mom wants me to blog about, I am just going to tell you whats been happening about our apartment this week. 

Mom left me totally stranded last week for three whole days. She said it was for Thanksgiving or something like that. Mom told me it comes every year, but I don’t remember it last year. I guess if we are giving thanks I am thankful for a few things, like tennis balls, and bones, and treats, and bananas, and sissy, and squeakers, and Mac, and oh yeah mom and dad, I like them too. I wasn’t too bad I guess, you know not being with mom all the time. I am glad she is back though.

This week mom says she is going to super busy with school and I have to be patient. I don’t like it when mom says I have to be patient, it means my walks are shorter and I don't get to play tennis ball all week long. Mom is spending all of her time studying for test, like I had in training, and writing papers. I am sad mom isn’t able to play with me this week, but I am still having fun with Maccabee, his mom is studying for tests too. This means a lot of things like the dishes aren’t done and my room is super messy, mom just can’t keep her stuff put away. My grandma says she has always been like that. 



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