Hey Remember When I Used to Blog and It was Super Fun

Friday, December 25, 2015

That was before my computer was broken.
That was before my heart was broken. 
That was before my wifi was broken 

Yup a few things in my life have been broken since my last blog post, but hey that's life right things break. I mean to put in words of my mother "let me take my clothes out of my freaking broken washer to put them in my freaking broken dryer. Even though I can't use my freaking broken toilet or my freaking broken oven." Okay so maybe she used a different f word but you get the point. 

Right now my life is pretty freaking broken and if this wasn't a public website that my grandma may or may not read I would definitely be using a different f word. 

Now that I have bitched enough about how horrible my life has been since I last posted on this blog, I will (try to) tell all of the good things that have happened since I last posted. I actually watched Star Wars, I even wrote a ten page paper on Episode I and yes I did use Star Wars Episode I:The Phantom Menace a million times. Today is Christmas, so that's good. I've made a few really good friends through crap state my life is in. I'm going to Disney World in two days so that's awesome. Maci is still the cutest dog in the world. After two months and four phones later I have a phone that doesn't have a cracked screen, turns on, and charges. I did survive my first semester of college. 

My life has been more bad than good the past month and a half, but that's okay. Also I have some random blog posts that were already written before my computer broke, so in a few days when you read a post about Thanksgiving please forgive me. 


hahaha @ not being able to use my graphic because it was on my computer

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