To Write Love on Her Arm

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

If you know and or follow me on Instagram then you will know about a month and a half ago I got my first tattoo.

LOVE. Love is my favorite word for many reasons. My favorite reason for love being my favorite word is it means something a little different every single time it is use. I love my mom. I love Will. I love blogging. I love Netflix. I love Maci. I love that one denim dress I wear three times a week. I don't love Maci the same way I love Will. That denim dress will eventually loose it's shape and I might not love it anymore. My love for my mom can't even be compared my love for blogging because the loves are too different.

Love is happiness, honesty, support, encouragement, caring, forgiveness, hope, selfless, patience, laughter, pain, respect.

The love my family has given is not able to fit into my description of love because it is too big, too deep. I am one of the few lucky people that has a family who is fully accepting, always encouraging, never holding a grudge. Thank you all for writing my tattoo.

I wanted to carry the lessons they have taught me and the compassion they have shown me. I wanted to carry their love with me always.

Although this is not the reason for my love tattoo there is this super cool organization you should defiantly check out that supports, brings awareness and hope to depression, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, and addiction. Their website is here.

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