Some Things I was Thankful for Twenty-Three Months Ago ft. a Photo From Twenty-Three Months Ago

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Not showering, but still not having oily hair.

Ashleigh learning to knit.

Kayla being such a good friend.

New starts.

Waking up early, but feeling good all day.

Polite children. There is hope for this world.

Warm Socks.

Seeing Frozen for the third time in theaters.

Wearing my onesie all day. 

Preplanned outfits.

Happy boyfriends.

Tea dates.

My dad coming home from a business trip.

Buying new books.

Road trips to the mountains. 

Books so good they make you donkey cry in the car.

Eating dinner in bed with my parents. 

Riding bikes with Will.

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