Date Night Ideas

Monday, October 5, 2015

One of Will and I’s favorite things to do is go on dates, no joking we go on about two a week. The longer we have been together the more important and amazing these nights have become. For us these nights are a way to just have some us time, we talk about everything on these nights, from our future to work schedules to just checking on each other mentally. So we have come up with a list of our top ten favorite dates ideas!

Picnic in the Park 
 - In the Spring and Fall this is our absolute favorite! The weather is perfect for being outside. We will either pack sandwiches or pick up food on our way. We have a beautiful and huge park near our houses, so we have a nice quiet secluded place to go. We bring a quilt for spread out for eating and to a have a “home base” of sorts. After we eat we either take a crazy long walk, play frisbee, or baseball. It kind of doubles as workout too! (At least thats what we tell our selves). These is a great date for us to ring Maci snd Moka with us!

Book Store
- This is our other go to. There are so many different things to do! We get coffee (and a cookie for me). Sometimes we wonder around for hours, looking at books and movies and CDs. Sometimes we pick out children’s books to read, our favorite is The Awesome Book of Love. Sometimes we find aa quiet corner read whatever books we are each reading at the time, just sitting with each other. You can some photos from a date night like this, here.

Cook Dinner Together
- This one is great because it can be as formal or a causal as you want! Out of the two of us Will is defiantly the cook, but it fun to do together! This one is also very affordable, so it is great for broke college students like ourselves. We also put music on and dance around the kitchen like weirdos while we are cooking. Even if we just made Ramon Noodles we like to add candles when we are eating to create a “romantic” atmosphere. Most of these nights are similar to this one, but I help Will cook!

- We like this date because we get to leave the world behind, it’s just me and Will and nature (and soon to be our pups). We always feel refreshed after spending the day in the woods and seeing some beautiful views. There is so much time to talk while walking and nature is so inspiring.

Go to the Zoo
- Every time (yes we have been multiple times) Will and I go to the Zoo we are always more excited to see the animals than the kids there. Normally this is every affordable and our Zoo lets a bring food in, so that saves even more money! You can see pictures from our last trip to the Zoo here.

Build Something Together 
- Will is super into building things out of wood, he is amazing too!  A few weeks ago Will and I decided to build a kitchen table for my apartment. It was awesome! Using power tools makes you feel like a queen and this takes a ton of team work! I promise I did more than just take pictures!

Bonus: Start a weekly date! For the past two years Will and I have tea date every week. It started a way to communicate during the school year but became so much more! This blog was created on one of those dates.If we have a big decision to make, we go on a tea date to make a pros and cons list. These dates keep us functional and I high recommend them to any couple!


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