Birthday Camping Trip

Monday, October 26, 2015

For my birthday my wonderful friends took me camping. We pilled everything into the Jeep and headed out on a road trip, including Waffle House, singing Jingle Bells, crying puppies squished in the back seat, lots of laughter, and a little bit of the Eagles. Although we had a few speed bumps along the way, this weekend was my favorite in a long time. Having friends that you can be completely yourself in front of is the best. 

In North Carolina the leaves are changing colors in full swing right now, which mean people are flocking from all over the state to mountains. We had planned on reserving a campsite and then spend the rest of the afternoon hiking, that did not happen. As soon as we arrived at the state park we found out all the campsites were reserved. One small break down later (by me of course) and no hiking later, we were on our way to the middle of no where. When we pulled up to Sunset Park we thought we may have arrived at Camp Crystal Lake. After some serious consideration we set up camp and realized it was the best decision. There were two other families there who were also turned away from the state park. A father and son, and a young married couple. Some how we successfully pitched a tent. We had a fire, fifty attempts later. Roasted hot dogs and marshmallows for dinner. At an unknown time between arriving at the campground and after dinner Will's phone went missing. Unfortunately the sun had already set and the hour and a half we spent looking for his phone was useless. Angelica slept better on the ground than she normally does in her bed. Will and I were up most of the night, thanks cold weather (actually it was totally our fault for not packing enough). At breakfast we noticed we forgot to pack a spatula and forks for the eggs (again unprepared), so we cooked the eggs with a knife and ate with our hands (really it's fine). We took down camp and by some miracle found Will's phone in the hidden in the dirt. Thank god for that because then we finally got to go hiking and the views were breath taking. Something about standing the natural beauty of the mountains refreshes my soul. All of the dogs were totally troopers hiking. Now all I want to do with my life is camp and hike. 

It was pretty much the best birthday weekend a I could have asked for! I also made this little film of our camping trip. There is may to may not be dancing involved. 


Since Angelica's boyfriend Nick could not did not come we brought this sign to replace his presents. We picked Nick, but Nick did not pick us.

I love him

It is possible (okay, so it defiantly happened) that we ate out of a cooler lid since did not pack plates, oops.

I could stare at this view for the rest of my life.

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