Another Day In My Life

Friday, October 2, 2015

I have finally gotten around to doing another day in my life since moving into college. I wanted to do this so I could compare my life before college and during college. It is also really fun just to see what my days are looking like. So far college has been a blast, everyday is super exciting and fun. 

Each morning I get to wake up to this sweet girl (typically begging to go potty).

Like most college students I live on coffee. I drink like two cups of coffee plus tea everyday...oops.

Breakfast time for Maemae. She eats in her cage now because Mac tries to eat her food.

Like normal I check my planner to see whats going on and plan out how I am going to get everything done.

I love my boots, but I am getting really sick of this rain.

I ... myself to go to my second class by buying apple cider from my favorite coffee house on my way to class.

On my way home from class.

I tend to do my studying and homework in my bed so that I don't bother my roommate.

Yup, mac and cheese plus ramen plus frozen fruits, yeah thats what eat.

Friends is constantly on in the apartment, which is like the best thing ever. 

Mac and Maci playing while outside on a potty break.

We talk everyday, maybe like 10 times a day. It's okay, really.

No matter how often we pick up these toys, give the pups like ten minutes and they are everywhere again.

On this particular night I helped my roommate set up for a super cute Portland themed date.


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