A Night at the Fair with My Roommate + Significant Others

Thursday, October 8, 2015

My roommate and I (plus significant others) went to our local fair this past weekend. But it was dark and my nice camera strap is broken (thanks Maci) so all of our pictures were fuzzy. Anyways instead of posting a bunch of fuzzy photos for you to look at, I made this little collage of them for you to look at!

After talking to other students apparently it is an anomaly that my roommate and I get along so well! Not only are we roommates but we are friends too! My roommate and I's friendship is not what this blog post is about through. 

Okay, back to the fair now. We ate too so much food, it was a great time. The picture of Angelica with all of the food is what we left the fair with, it does not even start to count for all that we ate while at the fair. It was the coldest day we have had so far the fall but we still had fun. Angelica and I rode a ride for free, because the creepy guy thought she was hot. Will and I tried to win a gold fish and failed (I blame the wind). I freaked out on the ferris wheel on it's way up but then got super excited after seeing the view from on top! We all had a wonderful time!


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