Inside My Planner

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

My planner is my life. I would be lost without it, I'm not even sure I would remember my name. I have been like this for a few years now, everyone has a way of keeping up with things, this is mine. I have tried a few different types of planner (here, here) and I mentioned in a earlier post that I was looking to invest in a Erin Condren this year. Well I didn't that. I began to struggle that I was carrying both my planner and blogging notebook but still didn't have everything wanted. So I took on the enormous (literally over 40 hours of work) task of making on my own planner. It was so worth it, I AM IN LOVE.

For the cover I picked out scrapbook paper that I like, added some stickers on the to personalize it. Then I had the sheets laminated at Office Max.

As soon as you open the cover there is a two pocket folder that I made out of card stock. In the front pocket I store all of my stickers and washi tape strips. I safe the back folder for important paper that I may need that day or in the near future. 

At the beginning of each month I have a goals page. I don’t know about you but having something written down makes me more likely to do it. I’ll be flipping through my planner and it reminds me what I want to accomplish this month and helps me stay on track. At the end of each month I plan to go back and reflect on how my goals went for the month.

Next is the monthly view, this one is partially planned out. I like to use wash type to mark out any traveling or days that I know are going to be completely booked. I also put wash type on the side to give the page some extra color. I really like using colored pens in my monthly spread because I don’t use as many sticker there. 

Since I made my planner the weekly view is customized to fit my lifestyle. Each is split up into morning, day, and night. I found this world best for my current schedule. I also have a spot to keep track of my water intake, sleep, and excise. This helps me because each time I look at my planner I can remind myself of the healthy choices I want to make and keep track of how I am doing. The lines at the bottom of the page are flexible lines, sometimes I put what I’m going to put for dinner, other times its something I am grateful for or a happy memory from the day. I like it not being set in stone (i mean ink), because it allows me to go with whatever I am feeling that day. I have a do to list on the side where I write things I need to get done that week but aren’t really scheduled. Also something that I don’t do that most people with planners do is color code things. I found it way to hard to keep up with I was always forgetting what color went with what activity and it was just a mess. I really like the organized chaos that comes with not having a color code. 

At the end of each month I have a place to keep my budget. This being the first year I really having to keep track of the money I spend and how I spend it this is super helpful. I have a page for bills that i need to pay and I write down when I pay them so I don’t have to worry about them anymore. 

I have three pages for expenses. I just write down everything that I buy and how much it cost so at the end of each month I complete my budget graph so I can see where I am spending all of my money. Again because I made my planner its customized to mr and has a Maci spot in the budget graph. 

The last page in each month is a notes page so I have somewhere to jot down notes on…well really anything. 

After all twelve months I have notebook in the back for blogging. I keep my post idea and planning back there. This alleviates the need for me to carry around both a planner and I blogging notebook, which makes my load lighter. 

My stickers and wash type are from all over the place. Some of the stickers I had left over from my last planner, some are from the Create 365 line, other just from the craft store, and the dollar store.

Although making my planner was a lot of work it was completely worth it because it is exactly what I need and want! I hope that is inspired in some way shape or form. 



  1. I know I have a planner and it is literally my life!

    1. I feel you! Mine is my lifeline!