A Day in My Life

Monday, August 3, 2015

My life is changing quickly, maybe a little too quickly. As excited as I am for college and starting a new chapter in my life I am positive I will miss how my life is now. I cannot even believe I will not be living at home in two weeks! This is crazy. So as a way to remember this summer and see all the changes that are taking place in my life I decide to document my whole day in pictures. In a month or so I want to do this again to compare them. These photos aren't perfect but they really capture my day.

Maci bringing her bone outside, even through I told her to leave it at the door


Packing for nannying

Feeding Maci 

The boys were still asleep when I got there, no joke they walked down stairs like two seconds after I took this

Planning out my day

Coloring while the boys do homework. My favorite part of the day!

Luckily the boys like my favorite video game from childhood. 

At the pool with the kids

Leaving work for the last time

Sitting on the couch with my Mom after work

Getting ready, laughing with Haley and Ashley

Taking photos for the blog

Ashley playing in the grass while Haley helps me take pictures

Ashley riding in the cart

Taking Mae on a walk

At a family friends birthday party

Blogging before bed


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