The 4th

Monday, July 6, 2015

I am so happy to have spent the 4th in Brooklyn! We a very relaxed day no one was in any rush, we were all just having fun. My mom, Abbey, and I bought everyone patriotic outfits to celebrate, I mean what kind of holiday is it if you don't go all out! We headed to Prospect Park for a cookout, when went later in the day which turn out to be perfect because it wasn't packed. We had hot dogs, celebrated America's birthday, and were thankful for our freedom. After debating whether we should try and find fireworks, we decided to hang out on the rooftop. Which was probably the best idea ever because we ended up with a great view of the fireworks (you can see a video on my Instagram). Overall the day was great and I am so happy to live in this wonderful country!


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