Road Trip to Brooklyn

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

There are many befits to having a brother who lives in New York, great stories, cool pictures, and my personally favorite visiting. With Colby moving to a new apartment, we took a road trip to bring him things from home. Most importantly we brought Goose (his cat that has been my cat for like two years), which made me very sad but it is okay because I am going to college (and I have have Maci). Although I must admit 10 hour road trip with a cat is not super fun. Each time I go to Brooklyn it gets a little better. All the trees, dogs, and it is just calmer than Manhattan. I am in love. I was so happy to see Colby and Abbey, never seeing them would probably be the biggest down fall to having have a brother who lives in New York. We went to the Brooklyn Flea Market, which as always is amazing. During the Summer the flea is in Williamsburg. 

We got stuck in traffic in DC so we took a little detour to do some site seeing

Diner in Little Italy

One of my favorite things about New York is all of the street markets

I sure am going to miss this dude

Seriously they are too cute

I am in love with all of the bikes


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