In My Carry-On

Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer is the season for traveling. These are what I take pretty much everywhere with my during the summer! For me carry-on's aren't just for planes, I like to keep my essentials with me all the time.

1. Book Bag - I prefer to bring my book bag over my purse because it has so much more space. Most of the time I put my purse in my book bag, so I can have both when I get where I am going. I love North Face because they are so ...

2. Camera - I like to keep it with me just in case a picture perfect moment arises. I have the Cannon T3, but I am upgrading (replacing) to a T5. It is an affordable option for a quality camera.

3. Snacks - You never know when you are going to be hungry. Normally with traveling you don't know when food is going to be available, so it's important to carry some with you. Will says I am the only person he knows that eats mints like they are candy.

4. Sunglasses - This one is pretty obvious.

5. Computer - Clearly I need this for blogging, but it is also great for watching Netflix (if you have internet available). I always have my hard case on my laptop to keep it from getting scratched or protecting it during rough travels.

6. A Book - I love books! I almost always have one with me. My favorite are mystery books, I adore trying to figure out the ending before I am there. I believe there is a book type for everyone (picture books count).

7. Emergency Kit - This is perfect for traveling because it has just about anything you could ever need in it! You can find it here.

8. Phone - Yup you should pretty much take this everywhere.

9. Planner - I have used the PlumPaper in the past and loved it! But I am going to switch to Erin Condren because it works best for my life right now. My planner is my life line, I keep everything I need to get done in it. I would be lost without it.

10. Wallet -Yup you should pretty much take this everywhere too. Mine is from Fossil. I have had it for 5 years and still love it.


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