what to and not to pack for college

Monday, June 8, 2015

todays post is from Sally at  Sweetly Sally! she has been so awesome to work with, and has some great advice for anyone heading off to college! her blog is wonderful, you she defiantly check it out! her out look on life is down to earth and it is so refreshing!

Hey y'all! I'm Sally from www.sweetlysally.com. Since I am going into my sophomore year of college (yikes!), I am pretty sure that I know the do's and don't's of what to bring. This year, I ended up bringing way too many things, way too many clothes, and my dorm room didn't look Pinterest-y enough. I have a few tips that I am going to follow this upcoming year as I pack to head up to school!
For packing clothes, trust me when I say that you don't need as many clothes as you think. I was told this many times, but I ignored this advice because I love my clothes. Turns out, everyone was right and I ended up wearing working clothes a lot and I only wore about 1/3 of my closet. And, turns out, the whole stereotypical "College Girl Outfit" is so real and you soon succumb to this style.
For decorations, I would say choose some neutral colors and then accent with one color. I decorated my room with navy and hot pink, so this big contrast of colors made my room feel less than homey, and the white comforter that I had clashed with the cinderblock walls. This upcoming year, I am planning on going with the color similar to Burlap, and then I am going to accent with navy. I am also switching out my navy carpet for a tan carpet so that my room doesn't feel so tiny!
As for other random stuff, trust me, you do not need it. My desk this past freshman year was filled was random things that I never used, and they just took up space! I also brought probably 20 nail polishes, when I really used only 2 colors, and I should have only brought a couple because it turns out that my roommate loves nail polish just as much as I do!
Thank you so much for reading! Have fun packing!

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