On Things Like Washing Your Hair Once A Week

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Recently I read a new book, Hey, Natalie Jean (or you can see her blog here) which has completely inspired me to wash my hair once a week. I know that sounds crazy and gross, but I assure you it is AMAZING. Even baby Maci agrees natural hair is the best!

Only washing your hair once a week saves so much time you could pick up a new hobby. I am serious. Not to mention how much more natural my hair feels and looks. There are no chemicals involved. so there is no damage to your hair. If you aren't using heat on your hair everyday that saves your hair from even more damage.Your hair will not look perfect, but it is okay. Embrace who you are! I have never really been one for perfect hair, ever. You may have your hair up in a bun more days than your used to. No worries it is summer anyway, who wants sweat drenched hair? You don't have to make a full commit either. Have a presentation or a hot date? Wash your hair on Wednesday, it's all good!

You can use dry shampoo to keep your hair from looking oily, but that can get expensive. I use homemade hair powder (two dollars, yeahh). 

All you need is a container, baby powder, and coco powder (unsweetened) so we don't look like we have gray hair. 

Once you add add the coco powder you just mix it up. You can add as much or as little coco powder as you want!


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