If you were not afraid...

Sunday, April 5, 2015

todays blog post is inspired by Ellie and Jared vloggers on Youtube. one year ago they decide to not be afraid and started doing daily vlogs. as i was watching their one year vlog i started to think about myself. what would i do if i wasn't afraid? would i jump out of an airplane? would i gave this blog my all? would i swim with sharks? would i dress differently? would i act differently?

sometimes i feel as through a lion is about to attack me just by walking out of my house. the world is a scary place. my body freaks out and i fear even being myself. but if i was not afraid i was share my blog with everyone i know. here i am recording my life and sharing it on the internet but my mom doesn't even know my blog exist. if i was not afraid i would give my all to this blog. i would make a schedule and stick to it. i would take classes to improve my blogging. if i was not afraid i would dance like no one was watching. if i was not afraid i would wear nice clothes, not baggy t-shirts. if i was not afraid i would be myself all the time. if i was not afraid i would speak up when i had an idea. if i was not afraid i would choose make myself happy. if i was not afraid i would not be silent. if i was not afraid i would be adventurous. i would climb to the highest mountain I could find. i would go swimming in th cold.

so i am here to say i'm going to try and not be afraid. because lets just be honest there is always going to be people you think you are not enough. but being you is enough! Ellie and Jared are a wonderful example of the great things that can happen when you stop being afraid. thank you both for the inspiration.

"i have an ambition to live 300 years. i will not live 300 years. maybe i will live one year more. but i have the ambition. why you will not have ambition? why? have the greatest ambition possible. you want to be immortal? fight to be immortal. do it. you want to make the most fantastic art or movie? try. if you fail, is not important. we need to try." - Alejandro Jodorowsky

so lets be brave.

 what would you do if you were not afraid?


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