My Girls

Monday, May 18, 2015

Four years ago I had two very shy girls come into my life, just by happenstance. These girls started staying at my house one afternoon a week quickly that turned into every afternoon with some sleepovers, currently these sweet girls live at my house Monday thur Friday. 

Immediately after I met Haley and Ashley I saw how broken inside they were and felt a sense of responsibility to love them until they were whole again. I always wanted them to be able to laugh and be the kids that they were. With the help of their loving dad this girls now live a very normal life. 

In many ways I take care of these girls like a parent. I cook for them, wash their clothes, make sure they get to school on time and show them how to act. I wouldn't trade this for the world, I love these girls so much. 

I love Haley's bravery and her need for knowledge. You will almost never find this girl without a book. I love the way she steals my clothes, even though they are huge on her and they way she takes care of her sister. I love how she cares so much about school and wants to be a doctor when she grows up. I love the way she cares about other people and is never afraid to be herself. 

I love Ashley's laughter and her undeniable personality. She never fails to make me laugh. I love how she is a "genius" and pretends to be a dog. I love her silly quotes "I don't think the dogs like me anymore because I'm a dinosaur." I love her sassy attitude that's going to take her so far in life and the way she takes my shoes without asking. I love her early morning "Game Show" and the way she smiles in pictures. 

I love these girls. 

If someone told me five years ago that when I was 18 I would be signing permission slips, making lunches, picking kids up from school, and tucking them into bed I definitely would have told them they were crazy. But here I am at 18 doing all those things and I wouldn't trade my girls for the world.

 Today the girls and I went on a hike in the woods to a river about two miles away from our house. I love taking the girls on walks because it is great exercise and being with is a constant game of did you know and would you rather. Although four miles is a little much for them, it was worth it.

"We walked all this way to see this brown river..." -Ashley

Just when I thought they had no energy left we came upon the creek and all three of them went nuts playing in it

"Hey Mom before I run some more laps around you I'm going to sit in this creek just I so i can be close to you" - Maci


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