Memorial Day Weekend

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

for Memorial Day weekend we went camping the mountains. it brought back so many memories of being little and camping with my family's closest friends. there was card games, camp fires, marshmallows (my favorite), hot dogs, and of course lots of laughter. the campsites we stay at were absolutely amazing, they were right by the river, and i mean right by the river! it was so much fun, i didn't even mind sleeping on the ground. there were always kayakers going by and the water was crystal clear. although it brought back memories of childhood it was nice being older and able to appreciate the memories we were making at the moment. i love being a part of groups were friends may as well be family and i couldn't imagine a better way to celebrate this weekend. 

thank you to all of the armed forces who give their lives everyday to keep us safe. also thank you to their families for supporting them and making the sacrifice to let them go 

Elle Belle showing her support this weekend 

since my mom's birthday was on friday we brought hats and cake to celebrate. i love the photo that (most of) us all together, including the dogs because in our group dogs are just as much a part of the family

i found out that if you want your dog to be (even more of) a snugglier take them to where when the sun goes down the temperature drops to 40 degrees and they will be right on you the whole night

the mornings were breath taking with the sun coming up and the mist on the water. at night it was just as beautiful the sky was clear and there were millions of stars.

GerBears first swim. she could barely even walk in her life jacket

Maci is such an outdoory dog. she loved the water, i couldn't keep her out of it. i even convinced (forced) her to go kayaking with me. we only had one time when she tried to make a b line for the shore 


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