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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Drink tea before bed
     - make sure it has no caffeine, this will help calm you 

Exercise most days
     - no one is perfect and we all know how busy we are, but do your best I promise it will make you          feel better. The earlier in the day you work out the better you will sleep at night.

Get 7 hrs of sleep each night
     - again no one is perfect but try

Keep your room cooler at night
     - sleep in shorts. Sleeping in a hot room or warm clothes makes you restless at night

Wake up around the same time every day
     - I know 7 am on Saturday doesn't sound great, but your body likes a routine and will lead to you          having way more energy

Go outside
     - just sit enjoy the sun, vitamin D is good for you and so is some fresh air

     - you told have to be good at it, just try to think about yourself and your feelings, or try the                  headspace app

Be grateful
     - when you think about the good things in your life you are happier

Spread joy
     - do good, feel good, feel good, do good

Let go
     - go with the flow, things will work themselves out

Eat better
     - the better you eat, the better feel, the better you feel, the happier you are

Have deep conversations
     - this gives you purpose and allows you to be meaningful

Create a bed time routine
     - this will let your body know when to start calming down and prepare for sleep


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