Fill the Freezer

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I want start off by saying people are simply amazing. Over the past several months my family has been through some really tough times. My dad unemployed, my mom working multiple jobs, just scrapping by. But this story isn't about our rough patch, it's about wonderful, loving people. 

My parents friends held a Fill the Freezer party for us, every one who was invited brings a frozen dish or gift card to go to eat. It is so simple but so powerful. We filled two freezers with food! People bought us groceries and gift cards. They wanted to make sure that food was the last thing that we were worrying about. I grew up in a family where doing for others is just a part of daily life, but having people do such a caring, simple act for my family was eye opening. People are amazing. There were so many people there to give hugs and remind us that no matter how hard times get we are still loved. They showered us with encouragement and love. There never a way to thank friends enough. People go beyond expectations, even in the broken world that will live in there is still so many good people and so much hope. Thank you every one, thank you! 

If you know anyone that could need extra support, throw them a Fill the Freezer party. It's an easy way to spread love. And living to help others is the best way to live. 


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